Everyday mouth bathing from birth
Every time you give your child a body bath, get inside the mouth with a wet 2×2
gauze or a wet wash cloth. Massage and wash inside the lips and cheeks, all around
the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and all along both upper and lower gum pads
where teeth will form later.
No toothpaste until 1 years old
Do not use toothpaste in your infant’s mouth from birth until one and a half years
old. They will inevitably swallow it and get a negative systemic effect from the
topical fluoride in the toothpaste.
No bottle at nap or bedtime
Breastfeeding is fine. If you are bottle-feeding, never put your child to bed,
daytime nap or regular nighttime sleep, with a bottle containing anything but water.
Make a promise to yourself that you will get your baby off the bottle no later than
his or her first birthday.
Bring your child to us when 8 front teeth are in or by the first birthday
Whenever your child has four upper and lower baby teeth or on the first birthday
(whichever comes first), please bring your child into our office to start his or her
preventative program, so we can help prevent all future dental problems.

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