Baton Rouge, LA – Last week, a large group of influential civic, community and
healthcare leaders gathered to celebrate the opening of Just Kids Dental, a new
children’s dental clinic in historic Delmont Village. Mike Walker, Mayor-President
Pro Tempore, read a proclamation from the city declaring February 26, 2009 as
“Just Kids Dental” day.
“It was an honor to attend the ribbon cutting for the first Just Kids Dental clinic in
Baton Rouge,” Walker said. “The clinic is a result of a tremendous private-public
partnership. The Delmont Village Shopping Center, a long-time center piece of
our community, has received a modern, technologically advanced dental clinic
where children and young adults can receive critically important oral health care.
I am proud of this partnership and welcome it to our community.”

Just Kids Dental attracted the attention of city leaders because it provides quality,
affordable oral health care to a largely underserved portion of the population,
children from low income families between the ages of one and twenty-one.
“Currently in Baton Rouge there is a tremendous gap in access to dental care for
this population of children,” said Dr. Robin Levy, one of the founding dentists.
“Tooth decay is the most common and chronic childhood disease, yet is the
easiest to prevent.”
Few dental providers offer services to children who need to utilize federal or state
insurance programs. Just Kids Dental is open Monday through Friday from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. and accepts both Medicaid and LaCHIP. The clinic is easily
accessible to families in North Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.
Jill Dyason, East Baton Rouge School Board member and Just Kids Dental’s
Community Development Director commented, “Statistics show that more than
51 million school hours are lost each year to dental-related illnesses. By
addressing the healthcare needs of children, we improve not only their quality of
life, but also their opportunities for educational success.”


“Just Kids Dental provides easy access to dental services which contributes to
the ongoing revitalization efforts in East Baton Rouge parish,” Dyason said.
Just Kids Dental is incredibly excited about partnering with the community and
families to help prevent the devastating effects of tooth decay. The clinic utilizes
state-of-the-art technology to increase the accuracy of treatment and efficiency of
patient care. Designed with children in mind, the clinic creates a friendly and
welcoming environment for both children and parents.

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