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Emma and Luis Colmenares have transformed Just Kids Dental Clinics through art.


New Orleans– Internationally known New Orleans artist Luis Colmenares, best known for his sculptures and Hollywood movie props, has along with his 13-year-old daughter Emma, transformed Just Kids Dental Clinics with vibrant works of art.

The clinics, located at: 5151 Plank Rd Ste 28, in Baton Rouge; 2526 Williams Blvd, in Kenner and 3502 S. Carrollton Ave., Suite A, in New Orleans have been given artistic themes which correspond with team mascots throughout the clinic. Kenner has a Mardi Gras theme with second lines and beads, while Uptown features a jazz theme with musicians and instruments. All themes incorporate dental care.

Just Kids Dental Vice president of Operations Kay Oplinger, said, “Our state-of-the-art clinics devote themselves to pediatric dentistry. Atmosphere is a very important component to the comfort level of our patients. Luis’ and Emma have composed art throughout our clinics which helps to soothe our patients and captures their attention.”

Colmenares happened upon the clinic by chance and said, “We passed by and saw that they had a sign up and no artwork, we approached them to do the artwork in the lobby. We have done the artwork in here since. I was so impressed with everyone that both of my daughters became patients. I have also referred many people.

The father of two girls, Colmenares said he has been an artist all of his life. While his older daughter Zoe draws, she is more into academics.It is his younger daughter Emma who is following in her father’s footsteps and already has an impressive portfolio for someone her age.

“I was running around an art studio since I was two, I have always been an artist. Right now, I do a lot of big movie props, I do sculptures, I paint. We just finished a movie called “Grudge Match” with Sylvestor Stallone and Robert Deniro. I have also worked Seth Rogan, Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg on movies, here in New Orleans. Emma comes in and out of the studio after school and helps with whatever project we have going.

“I do a lot of big art installations here in the city and I have many young artists who currently apprentice under me. I have had young people come throughout the summer for many years and they are all good artists. Emma works with us and it is a good experience for everyone involved,” said Colmenares.

Emma Colmenares said, “It is nice to come in and out of the clinics and see others enjoy what we did. It makes me feel good.”

“The staff members at Just Kids Dental feel strongly about treating each child as if they were our own. We invest in the community with our time and resources. We support local artists and think their art work is a wonderful way to honor local flavor and improve on patient’s experience. The Colmenares family has become members of our staff family here. We are extremely happy with their contributions to our clinics,” said Oplinger.
About Just Kids Dental:
Just Kids Dental Clinics locations are: 5151 Plank Rd Ste 28, in Baton Rouge; 2526 Williams Blvd, in Kenner and 3502 S. Carrollton Ave., Suite A, in New Orleans. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and every other Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
For more information on Just Kids Dental, to schedule an interview with Kay Oplinger contact Jodi Marze at 601-347-2354.



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